Float Fishing for Wild Brown Trout

Right on the doorstep of southwest Virginia, in the northeastern corner of Tennessee, 

flow some of the most productive tailwater systems in the eastern United States. The

product of deep reservoirs and bottom-release dams, these tailwaters run cold year-

round. Robust insect populations and ample habitat allow a remarkable wild brown trout 

population to thrive, and some individuals grow to memorable proportions.  

The water releases that feed these tailwaters are all-or-nothing. Low water, or heavy water.

Regular, scheduled high water events provide predictable opportunities to float long

stretches of river and target the rivers' biggest brown trout with large, meaty flies when

they're most vulnerable.

We offer streamer fishing trips year-round, but focus on the fall and winter months of

October - March. The cold months are some of the most productive for hunting large 

brown trout, as fishing pressure lightens, low-light conditions become more prevalent, 

insect activity slows, and the brown trout feed heavily to bulk up for and recover from 

the spawn. This fishing can be incredibly addicting and visual, but is not for the faint of

heart. Overall fish numbers can be low, but when your fly line goes tight, it may be on 

a giant. 


Full day float trip for 1 or 2 anglers - $400/$450

Rods, reels, flies, and other tackle are included. Lunch, drinks,

and photos from the day are also provided. Several days prior to

your booked date, we'll work out a meeting time and location,

and discuss lunch options.

What to Bring:

  • Waders (in cold water months--no studs)

  • Appropriate clothing

  • Rain gear

  • Polarized sunglasses

  • Fishing license

License Requirements:

A Tennessee, all-species fishing license is required. You can

purchase yours here. 


A $100 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of

booking, and can be paid by check or Venmo towards the total

cost of the trip. Paypal is accepted, but includes a convenience

fee. The remainder is to be paid on the day of the trip by check

or cash. In order to better serve you, in the event of inclement

weather or poor water conditions, as determined by Matt Reilly,

deposits can be put towards a rescheduled date within a year's


- Note: Listed rate does not include gratuity.


Choosing what to tip can be confusing. Generally, throughout

the service industry, 20% of the trip rate is standard given you

enjoyed your time on the water and your guide. We give 110%

to our clients on the water every day in order to ensure that

you have a memorable, relaxing, and educational adventure that

will stick with you forever. It's our passion and why we do what

we do. 

The cold months mark some of the best for targeting the largest fish in the river. This 20-inch male brown nailed a streamer and warmed up this cold, November day . 

An aggressive male brown that fell for a 6" articulated streamer.

Big brown trout eat baby brown trout. 






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