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  • Matt Reilly


Starting a little over a week ago, southwest Virginia has received over five inches of rain, and it's predicted we'll get about two more in the next week. The rivers are swollen, and most busted their banks, but right now we're seeing a light but steady pattern of precipitation, which is keeping the mountain streams a little high, but fishable. The wild rainbows, in particular, have been particularly active, heading into the pre-spawn period. Conditions like these can make fishing tough, but if you know how to fish them and where to look for fish, they can yield some of the best fish of the year.

This is good news for all that have booked trips in the mid-March to early-April time frame. I've still got a few dates open, but they're quickly disappearing, so if you want to ditch cabin fever for some beautiful and hungry wild trout, or learn how to conquer high water, give me a ring.

The New River has been consistently high and dirty, limiting our musky hunting. Hopefully that won't be the case leading into the end of the month and early March.

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