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Brown trout streamer fishing


Predatory brown trout on East Tennessee's most productive tailwaters


The northeastern corner of Tennessee is home to some of the most productive tailwater systems in the eastern United States--the South Holston and Watauga Rivers. The product of deep reservoirs and bottom-release

dams, these tailwaters run cold year-round. Robust forage bases and ample habitat allow a remarkable wild brown trout population to thrive, and some individuals grow to memorable proportions.  

The water releases that feed these tailwaters are all-or-nothing. Low water, or heavy water. Regular, scheduled high water events provide somewhat-predictable opportunities to float long stretches of river and target the rivers' biggest brown trout with streamer fishing techniques when they are the most vulnerable.



When conditions allow, we offer streamer fishing trips year-round. Similar in flavor to our spring smallmouth and fall/winter musky fisheries, this style of fishing is geared towards trophy fish. Numbers of fish caught are generally lower than on our Mount Rogers High Country trips, but the opportunity for visual, active fishing and trophy fish is far greater.

However, the opportunity for tangling with truly large wild brown trout in these tailwaters grows in the fall and winter, as river-run fish from Boone Lake downstream invade the rivers as a spawning movement.


Both the South Holston and Watauga Rivers flow into Boone Lake, which is home to a healthy population of striped bass. These fantastic game fish seek cold-water refuge in our tailwaters during the summer months, allowing us to fish for them while also targeting trophy brown trout during this window. These fish don't come out in numbers, but can grow to over 40 inches in length and are one of the greatest trophies in our region.

Hunting trophy stripers in the tailwaters is similar in flavor to musky fishing, where the goal is a bite or three from a striper, with the very real possibility of quality brown trout as by-catch, but if you like swimming big flies and trophy fish, it's an experience that's hard to beat.



Full Day Trips

Single Angler:  $450*

Two Anglers:  $550*

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking, and can be paid by check or Venmo towards the total cost of the trip. The remainder is to be paid on the day of the trip by check or cash.


In order to better serve you, in the event of inclement weather or poor water conditions, as determined by Matt Reilly, deposits can be 

put towards a rescheduled date within a year's time. Cancellations made by the client within 48 hours of a scheduled trip forfeit the total

cost of the trip.

*Listed rates do not include gratuity

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