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For the last several weeks, my weekends have been tied up with attending fly fishing shows around the country. Thankfully, last weekend's The Fly Fishing Show in Atlanta marked my last one until the South River Fly Fishing Expo on April 27 and 28. To all of you that I met and spoke with at the shows I did attend, it was a pleasure, and I look forward to fishing with you!

Last week, upon my return from Atlanta, the weather warmed up and showed the first signs of spring's approach. The fishing was great, the river was finally fishable again, and the boat ramps were slammed. Cabin fever appears to be running rampant in southwest Virginia. With any luck, the rain will hold off, and the river level will remain favorable for a little while.

Earlier this week, we got a brief window of favorable conditions, and I had first-time musky anglers Connor and Griffin from Richmond in the boat chasing the fish of a lifetime. Like clockwork, we found a fish willing to play and Connor worked him perfectly to get a beautiful trophy fish in the net!

My musky calendar is almost full, and my spring and summer trout and smallmouth dates are starting to go quickly, too. If you want to get on the calendar, give me a


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